Make Science Fun!

Watch Tyler DeWitt on TED talk about making high school science fun.

A couple of great ideas for the high school science classroom:

1. Remember that biology is all about reproduction (sex), relationships, drugs, and food. These are things that are interesting to middle and high school students, and if associated with biology, are guaranteed to pique student interest and get them to think about biology differently.

2. Flip your labs: Try having students complete some labs and hands-on activities at home, when appropriate. Provide them with the materials they will need and have them bring back their data charts and tables. Discuss the data and student experiments in class. If your experience is like mine, we often have students complete labs, but don’t leave enough time to discuss the data in depth. Students often do not read for homework either. However, students seem to be likely to complete a hands on activity or lab. Use student natural curiosity and desire to have fun to get them to complete some work at home, and use class time to focus on the lab take away ideas and knowledge, which often gets lost in the shuffle.