iCabMobile, Techbook Live, RJ Stangherlin, Genny Kalhweiss and more!

Hello, everyone! I am snowed in here in CT and decided it was finally time to bite the bullet and attempt a blog post. New England may be at a standstill, but Discovery Education has been busy, busy, busy. If you didn’t get a chance to tune into the Saturday, January 26, 2013 livestream of Techbook Live, you are in luck. I participated in each and every session and was just overwhelmed with all the great information, not just about the tech book but how to enhance our students’ learning experiences. Well, I was present and adding to the chat, but the phenomenal RJ Stangherlin was not only doing that, she was actively annotating every session as it progressed on her PA Leadership blog. In addition, she was streaming the whole conference LIVE right from her blog. She did a simply amazing job! I can fully appreciate why they renamed the DENny Award for “Best Individual Blogger” after her. Just go to the blogs, and click on Pennsylvania, and when you scroll down a bit, you will see all of the posts she did on January 26. Believe me, they are helpful as a review for those who attended the sessions and really comprehensive data for those who missed it.

During the session by Brad Fountain called “Techbook at the Tip of Your Finger” (https://blog.discoveryeducation.com/blog/2013/01/26/techbook-at-the-tip-of-your-finger-with-brad-fountain/), the issue of downloading videos from DE directly to the iPad came up. It is so terrific that DE has worked so very hard to convert most of its content so that it will stream right on the iPad without having to have a mobile version, but folks were still having trouble figuring how to download to the iPad. I had previously purchased iCabMobile to download a video from YouTube to my iPad, but I wasn’t sure it would work with Discovery Education videos. The question again arose during a training that Genny Kalhweiss ran on DE101 a week or so ago, and I decided that I’d better do some research since others were not sure if iCabMobile was working.

Well, I went to YouTube to search, and the first video I clicked on was a winner. Mark Hammons did a very quick and comprehensive job showing how to download a video from DE to the iPad. I tried it for myself, two different times, and it worked like a CHARM! Thanks, Mark. Here is the link:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNtGkJfY1Vg&feature=youtube_gdata_player  Here is a screenshot showing how easy it is!

By the way, Genny ran a fantastic overview of DE features for those new to DE. I’m not new, but I still picked up some valuable tips on changes that have been made. Adding video segments to a queue at the bottom and being able to save that selection and/or share it with a class is a new feature that should proved helpful.
I also learned that if you put “yearbook” in the search field, DE will bring up the all the yearbooks for past years. She also showed us that if we put “content collection” into the search field, we will get 184 resources to browse through from grammar to St. Patrick’s Day to historic speeches to robotics, and on and on.
So many resources – so little time! Wait a minute, having all these resources available can save us time. Don’t forgot to use your students as an important resource. Ask them to find resources on DE that they believe will be pertinent to the lesson at hand.
Have a wonderful rest of winter! “If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?” Percy Bysshe Shelley – “Ode to the West Wind”



  1. Sheila Frederucjs said:

    Wow! Great blog post! Especially for your first! Stay safe…stay warm & dry!

    • Carolyn Stanley said:

      Thanks, Sheila, for taking time to comment. It isn’t actually my first post. It’s just been a long time since I posted to the blog, and I was getting rusty. We have such a great network, and it’s so great that we can share with each other. Have you tried downloading DE videos to an iPad? If so, do you have another third-party app you might recommend? Isn’t YouTube great! There are so many folks willing to share their expertise to help others. Discovery ED has quite the channel. I need to visit that more often.

    • Carolyn Stanley said:

      Hi, Tim! Thanks for commenting. As I said in the chat, we should try to recognize those who take the time to leave a comment on our blog posts. It makes the person who left the comment feel valued, as that person made the blogger feel valued. That’s what it is all about. Value added! I certainly hope that the Blog Team is successful in making our DEN sharing network even more inclusive.
      I thought that Mark Hammon’s tutorial was brilliant – short and to the point. Gee, I wonder if I left him a thank you on his YouTube channel. I will have to check that out. Have a great rest of the evening!

  2. Robin Martin said:

    I just downloaded the iCab and it great w Discovery videos. Nice suggestion.

    • Carolyn Stanley said:

      Thanks, Robin. I’m glad it’s working for you. One of my worries is that the videos really take up space on the iPad. I guess you can delete the downloaded video when you are done with it to free up space. Why don’t you do a blog post on how you are using downloaded videos on you iPad with your kids –

      • Robin Martin said:

        You have added something her that I will reference in my GURU webinar- iCab not demoing it just a mention thx

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