Great Uses for Google Voice at School!

Google Voice

Google Voice is a great technology tool to use at school! I use Google Voice to have one central number that students, parents, other teachers, and school personnel can have for me. If I want my private numbers to remain private, or don’t want to have to update my phone number with everyone when it changes, I give them my Google Voice number. I use Google Voice for parent phone conferences, and conference calls to collaborate with peers. If I don’t want to have to go to the conference room to complete a phone conference, I just do so from the comfort of my computer in my classroom during my planning period. Do you use Google Voice for school business? Reply to this post to let us know how.



  1. Dennis Ashendorf said:

    After five years or longer(?) of use, Google Voice is my main tool to reach students. They don’t respond to emails, but texts are practically instantaneous. Most texts are simply: “Get to work” in nature. And yes, one student doesn’t have a phone. By the way, most don’t check regular mail or email at all. Alternative efficacies matters. Think of the great coverage of texting! There is no better method for short communications with a record in secondary.

    Google Voice provides a written history. It’s just like email, when using a computer, and searches better. I keep and always open.

    Lastly, competing products for “safe texting” are merely paranoia satisfiers. Unless the school district outlaws both phone conversations, which are generally unrecorded, and EMAILS, WRITTEN texts are no different than emails, then use Google Voice.

    In short, the arguments against texting are simply wrong bordering on stupid.

  2. ali said:

    it was really good because you can talk with my friend and all the people have the google voice

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