Know an Excellent Biology Teacher?

Deadline – March 1

Do you know an outstanding biology teacher?   Is there a teacher who is both excellent in the classroom and also serves as a leader at your school and possibly even beyond?   Does this person inspire students to pursue a career in a biology field or is this teacher particularly talented in helping struggling students learn some of the more challenging concepts in the biology curriculum?

If you know a teacher that fits this description (or if you are this teacher!), please nominate him or her (or yourself) for the Outstanding Biology Teacher Award for the state of North Carolina (sponsored by the National Association of Biology Teachers).   Those that are nominated will be invited to complete an application.

Each year, there is one winner for this prestigious award for each state.  This winner will be celebrated at the NABT conference in Atlanta in the fall and at the NSTA regional meeting in Charlotte, also in the fall.  There are some lovely gifts, also! 

Please nominate yourself or one of your colleagues – it does not take long and it can mean a great deal to the person nominated!  

Here is the link to the nomination form.