Do you really love the DEN?

“Work is love made visible.” Kahlil Gibran

For my work with the DEN, there is no truer statement. Everyday, when I come to work, I do so with a heart full of love for every single member of this community. I even catch myself signing emails to community members “Love, P”. A few weeks ago, I was hanging up the phone with a colleague who signed off with a hurried, “Alright, talk to you later. Love you. Bye.” which was followed by an instant message that said, “Was that awkward? Sorry.”

It wasn’t awkward.

Everywhere I go, educators stop me and tell me that they love the DEN. I love the DEN too. When I started working at Discovery Education almost 7 years ago, the DEN was newly formed. The first time I met the educators in the DEN, I fell in love.  I knew working in the DEN was where my love would be made visible.

The mission of the Discovery Educator Network is and has always been “Connecting educators to their most powerful resource… each other.” It really is a love story. DEN members are passionate about teaching and learning, and about sharing and supporting. Our love for our students drives us to be better. Our love for the common good of all students makes us want to share with others.

So, that’s why I am here. I am here because I fell in love with you. I really love the DEN. I want to support you and help you make connections. I also want to encourage you to support each other. Take a minute today, this week, this month to tell why you love the DEN. Know that when I say DEN, I’m not talking about why you love using digital media in your classroom. I’m talking about the people who are in this community.

If you are on the DEN Leadership Council, you have access to post a blog right here. Tell your story about why you love the DEN. If you aren’t, you can add a comment and I’ll post it for you. Just make sure you add your name.

NEXT, support the people who have taken a risk and are sharing their love stories. Click “like” and “tweet” on their blog posts so they know you love them too.Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about romantic love. It can be about encouraging our colleagues and friends.

So here’s what you need to do:

  1. Post your DEN love story
  2. Encourage others by clicking “like” and “tweet” on theirs.

Do that for me, OK?

Love, P

PS. While you’re thinking about that, it sure is good prep for your DEN Summer Institute application video. #justsayin


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  1. Lori Abrahams said:

    I love the DEN for allowing me to network with educators who are collaborative, creative, talented, fun, and make me feel respected and valued. I love the DEN for all of the resources available to help me be a more collaborative, creative, talented and fun educator!

  2. Mary Anne Jezierski said:

    I love the DEN because it has allowed me to grow as a professional and gain confidence. I work at a Catholic school that is run by a parish. You can imagine how small my world is! The DEN has given me the opportunity to collaborate with other teachers from around the country and and bring resources to my students that they wouldn’t necessarily have encountered. Whenever I have a question or need an help, I can turn to my DEN family for creative and innovative ideas. I LOVE THE DEN!!

  3. Tracie Belt said:

    I love the Den because of all the opportunities it gives me to connect with other educators that are passionate about learning, students, and technology. I also love the Den because it supports teachers in their endeavor to try new technology in the classroom. Most of all I love the DEN for giving teachers opportunity to share how technology makes teaching more fun, engaging and meaningful to students.
    I <3 DEN, let me count the ways:
    1. For the great live events they have all over the country
    2. For the Summer Institute that teachers can attend
    3. For the great webinars
    4. For the great contests they provide teachers and students
    5. For the new student DEN
    6. For opportunities they give teachers to be recognized
    7. For the great virtual conferences they have in spring and fall
    8. For the opportunities they give DEN stars to try new products
    9. For all the teacher networking it provides
    10. For giving me an opportunity to make friends all over the country.
    11. For providing free professional development
    12. For teaching me how to geocache.
    13. For providing cutting edge technology that I can use in my classroom
    14. Most of all I <3 the DEN because they treat teachers with respect and honor their professionalism.

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  6. Judy Uhrig said:

    My love affair with the DEN began over 7 years ago when Brad Fountain was at our school for professional development, and told us about this “new” network of educators. Since then this whirlwind romance has taken me to exotic places such as Silver Spring, San Francisco, Boston, San Diego, Bozeman…….I have been showered with teacher tools, ideas, companionship.
    I love the DEN because it makes me better. It makes me stronger. It makes me feel special. Isn’t that what love is all about?

  7. Carolyn Stanley said:

    I love the DEN because it keeps me in the loop. There is so much that we can learn from one another, and I’m so grateful for all the folks who spend time enthusiastically sharing what they have learned or tried and had success with – so that other educators and their students can benefit, as well. I enjoy the conversations in the chat during webinars, and the face-to-face conferences that I’ve attended have been joyous experiences. I will try my hardest to keep active in the DEN and encourage others to do so.

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  9. Patti Harju said:

    love the DEN because of the people. I have met so many amazing educators who happily share, collaborate and support each other. The DEN is a community that cares about each of its members. The DEN is family.
    I love the DEN because it pushes me to be a better teacher. The DEN surrounds me with the best of the best -The best people and the best resources. The DEN makes me believe that I am worthy to be among them! The DEN motivates, encourages and always gets the best out of everyone.
    I love the DEN for all of the opportunities it provides. I have access to incredible professional development in person and online. I have access to amazing educators who never stop giving. I may teach at a small school, but I work with educators all over the world.
    Becoming a DEN Star is the single most valuable thing I have done for myself and for my students. I can’t wait to see where the DEN will take us next!

  10. Melissa Robison said:

    I love the DEN! I remember back to last year. It was my first time attending the DEN Summer Institute. I have to admit that I was nervous. I was the only one from MO going to Bozeman. I was all by myself. I had flashbacks to attending a staff development day at another school. You walk into a room where everyone already knows each other and you are left sitting by yourself in the back…awkward. My experience was nothing like that! From the moment I entered the institute I felt like I belonged there. I was not an outsider, I was treated like a loved family member. This shy teacher from MO was welcomed with open arms. I can honestly say I feel like a family member at every DEN event I attend. I am no longer that shy teacher from MO. I am welcomed with hugs and smiles at every event. The DEN is my FAMILY.

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