PETE&C DEN Star Spotlight Episode Five




This is the fifth(and last)  post in a series highlighting DEN Stars who are presenting at PETE&C February 10th -13th 2013.  In the fourth episode   looked at the The Creative Flip  presented by Drew Giorgi, Mary Schwander, and me (Tom McLaughlin).  The session will be Wednesday February 13th from 10:30am to 11:30 am in Magnolia A session code  LL09.

In this last episode I would like to spotlight Jennifer Kraft and her presentation  Gamification: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.  It will be on Tuesday Feb 12th at 2:15 pm in Empire B session code GL17.

In the description Jennifer says “In this session, I will share the process I went through to gamify my keyboarding curriculum and fifth grade hero project. You will leave with a good idea of how to gamify your own classroom. I will also discuss how the first few months have gone.”

Here is a little about her in her own words:

I graduated from Millersville in December 2001 with a BS in Elementary and Special Education. I started my first position in January 2002 as a specialized preschool teacher in York, PA for the Lincoln IU #12. I left there in August of 2005 to start a position as the Education Technology Facilitator at Kennedy Krieger High School in Baltimore, MD. During my Master's program, I interned with SMART Technologies and created SMART Notebook activities for pre-k and special needs skills. In May 2006 I received my Master's of Science in Special Education, Technology for Special Educators from Johns Hopkins University. Life took an unexpected turn and I had to return to my home to recuperate from some chronic health conditions which I seem to finally have some control of. Slowly I began subbing again, with some longer positions as a HS Math Emotional Support teacher and as an elementary music teacher. I worked as a Classrooms for the Future Coach for a bit at North Schuylkill High School, my Alma mater, and eventually took a full-time position as an elementary life skills teacher in the elementary school. After one year, some changes in positions and I started teaching K-6 Computers and have been there since then. I'm a Discovery Education Star and a SMART Exemplary Educator. I am an Assistant Choral Director for our HS. I also do the website and action photography for our football team and have my own photography business on the side. Many folks tend to involve me in activities that might or do include technology. For example, I'm now the lighting director for our school musical because we updated our light board and they figured that I'd be able to do it since a computer was involved. These types of things always provide me with a challenge that I typically enjoy figuring out.
I hope you have enjoyed these entries.  I will be at the conference on Wednesday.  Just look for me in my blue Discovery Education sweat shirt or just stop by my session and say hi.