Another DEN Love Story

Oh DEN friends, Oh DEN friends. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

Valuable resources shared by passionate educators

Amazing tips, tricks and tools from people who are actually using them with kids and for kids

Like minded educators who have a common mission of keeping it about the kids, while constantly seeking to improve teaching and learning

Elevated levels of conversation with the focus of improving instruction for students in content and method

New-ness.. friends, ideas, hopes and opportunities… all come from active participation in the local and global DEN

True friends that surpass the realm of being colleagues and co-learners and transcend distance to become a part of extended family

Institutes, virtual conferences, webinars, Days of Discovery and the countless other ways that the DEN brings people together

North Carolina DEN members, since nothing is finer than to be in the DEN in Carolina

Educator appreciation comes more than a week in May when it comes to the DEN


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One Comment;

  1. Paula Naugle said:

    Kelly, thank you for such a beautiful love poem to the DEN. I know I share your feelings of love for all things DEN.

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