I <3 the DEN

If you read yesterday’s post written by Porter, you could tell she has a deep affection for the DEN and those that are members of the community.  When I think of the DEN and what I love about it, I think about what the community, the connections, and my co-workers have done for me over the years.  My “relationship” with the DEN has certainly evolved in the past five years.  I became a DEN STAR when I was an elementary library media specialist and loved how the DEN connected me with other teachers and classrooms across the country.  My students Skyped with some of the students in other DEN classrooms, expanding the classroom walls.  These opportunities probably wouldn’t have happened without my DEN connection.

As my involvement in the DEN grew, I became a member of the Wisconsin Leadership Council.  I was able to attend Summer Institute and regional events and love the connections I’ve made with others I’ve met and learned with over the years.  Those connections have led to opportunities that made me a better teacher and opened my eyes to what others around the world are doing.  This was a huge benefit to my students.

Over a year ago, my involvement in the DEN reached another level, a job working on the DEN Team.  There are many things I love about this change in my professional career.  My coworkers are just awesome, I love the sense of humor they each bring.  Sure, there’s plenty of work that keeps me busy but the fun attitude and support of my DEN family is awesome.  Rather than just work with the students in my school, I’m now working with people all over the world.  I love the people I’ve met around the country at various DEN events and can’t wait to continue helping make the DEN an awesome community.

What do you love about the DEN?  Take some time soon, today, this week, or this month to tell why you love the DEN.  When I say the DEN, I’m talking about the people in our community.  If you are on the DEN Leadership Council, you have access to post a blog right here. Tell your story about why you love the DEN. If you aren’t, leave me a comment and I’ll help get your story posted.

I’d also love for you to support the people who are sharing their love stories. Click “like” and “tweet” on their blog posts so they know you love them too.

So here’s what you need to do:

  1. Post your DEN love story
  2. Encourage others by clicking “like” and “tweet” on theirs.

Enjoy the stories, I know I’ll love reading them.


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  1. Kati Searcy said:

    I love the DEN……just check the things I have done this month that are a direct result of things the DEN community has taught me…
    1. Students create a music video as a commercial for their real-world business m.youtube.com/watch?v=flS36K0VHII
    2. Designing and teaching a professional learning course on Digital Authentic Assessment. http://www.livebinders.com/play/play?id=407909
    3. Presenting a workshop on paperslide videos. Here is a product made by two of the teachers. Their topic “Paperslide 101” m..youtube.com/watch?v=kCvhQeuo6bg
    And it is only February 12!!!
    Thank you, DEN

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