All You Need Is Love

I think the Beatles were on to something with their hit song “All You Need Is Love”. Written in 1967 by John Lennon, the Beatles had been tasked with coming up with a simple message that could be easily understood throughout the world. Love is a universal language that brings us together and makes us whole. Our collective love for education is what connects this community and drives us to share with one another (even after putting in a 12 hour day).

Inspired by Porter Palmer’s initial post, I wanted to take a minute to share why I love the DEN.

It’s been just over a year since I joined the DEN team. I have had the opportunity to connect with educators across North America and I am continually blown away by the energy, passion and talent of this community. I have had the privilege of working in collaboration with the one and only Jannita Demian to grow our community in urban districts throughout the US. The time I have spent in these districts has been incredibly rewarding. Just yesterday I spent the day with high school teachers and students from Albuquerque Public Schools. Working in student-teacher pairs, they explored Discovery and developed presentations and resources to share with their peers and colleagues. In addition to my work in the field, I’ve also developed a strong bond with the Leadership Council Rising STAR mentors who have helped me create innovative ways to welcome new STARs into the community.

The best part about our community is the collective belief that there is more than enough love to go around. The DEN welcomes new members with open arms and strives to connect with any and all who need it. I have felt the love since the day I started, and I am forever changed by the connections I have made and the lessons I have learned.

So thank you, DEN family, for being you. Wishing you all a very happy Valentine’s Day!


PS- Be sure to check out Porter’s post for details on how to share why you love the DEN!!


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