Navy STEM for the Classroom provides unique STEM educational opportunities for high school students, introducing them to exciting curriculum that sparks interest and enthusiasm for STEM.  The program will introduce STEM concepts (such as engineering, biomedical, electronics, technology, etc.) through engaging curriculum and interactive tools and will create the connection between individual student interests and relevant career choices (for example: If you are interested in physics, did you know you could explore a career in nuclear engineering?)

The program launched this month with interactive lesson plans  including Jets in Flight, Science of DivingEngineering a Future Fleet and Oceanography/Meteorology.

Resources provided to students include lesson plans with integrated video, animation, web 2.0 tools, a mini-interactive focusing on chemistry of Boyle’s Law.  In addition, students will be introduced to individuals that have real-world STEM based careers.  In March, new themes will be introduced that cover Robotics, Environmental Science, Nuclear, Sonar & Echolocation and additional mini-interactives focusing on the physics of flight and buoyancy/density/volume.

Check out this new FREE resource from America’s Navy and Discovery Education.


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  1. chris said:

    Interesting that the Navy is doing this. I am a retired Naval Commander and got my MS in Engineering Science from the Naval Post Graduate School. Now in my 21st year of teaching and an instructional coach. I’ll be checking out these first few lessons. Thanks for making us aware of this.

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