DEN is Taking Things to Heart!

It’s February and our hearts are all a flutter!  Know what gets our hearts pumping the most?!?  Providing opportunities for our community to get connected… DEN Connected!

Our DEN Connects team has been hard at work on new themes, lesson plans, activities, and more based on your feedback.  We’re thrilled to announce the next round of DEN Connects: Taking Things to Heart.

For the next 6 weeks, we’ll be sharing digital scavenger hunts for your students, mini media infused lessons, opportunities to connect your classroom with other classes, and a challenge to explore a new Web 2.0 tool!  We’re also partnering with Together Counts for chances to win “Energy” packs for your class.  Here’s more info:

Essential Question: What can you do to be more heart healthy?

The young people in your class are already beginning to make many important health-related decisions. Giving them tools, information and confidence to make those decisions is an important part of contributing to their active, healthy lifestyle. (Together Counts)

Many people define being healthy as merely “not sick” or “not having a disease.” But being healthy is more than this. There are many aspects of health including physical health, mental health, emotional health, and social health. All are extremely important.  (Together Counts)

You and your students can take things to heart by focusing on Energy In, Energy Out, and setting goals to maintain Energy Balance.

Don’t miss out!

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