How to Build Your PLN Using DEN Trading Cards

Are you looking to connect with other STAR Discovery Educators? Are you looking to grow your Professional Learning Network?  I have an easy way for you to do this.  Introducing the 2013 DEN STAR Trading Card set.  You can find about 250 DEN STARs and DEN Team members in the set and connect with them through Twitter, Facebook, and/or LinkedIn.  Connecting with so many like minded educators couldn’t be easier.

I’m a big Twitter using so I plan on going through the entire list and following anyone I’m not already following.  Here’s my plan:

1. I’m going to go to the Pinterest page where I can find all of the cards.  Don’t worry if you don’t have a Pinterest account, you don’t need one to view the page.

2.  I’ll then open another tab in my browser and head to  If you’re not a Twitter user, this might be a good time to start.

3.  I’ll look over each of the cards and look for the Twitter ID and then flip to my other tab where Twitter is open.  At this point, I have two options.  I can either use the search box on the Twitter page to find their account or I can just add their Twitter ID after the part in the URL.  This will pull up their twitter page and I can click Follow.

4.  I’ll do this over and over until everyone in the Trading Card set has been added to my PLN.

5.  There may be some people who are on Twitter, but don’t have their Twitter ID listed in the upper right hand corner of the card.  To find these people, I’ll look for the grey circle with the T on it, indicating they are a Twitter user.   Then, I’ll click on the little link in the bottom left corner of the card.  This will take me to the person’s contact page.















5.  When I get to their contact page, I can click on any of the social media icons listed below their quote to connect with them.  For me, I’ll connect via Twitter.  You can choose to connect however you’d like.


You may find that narrowing down who you choose to connect with based on what you teach or other interests will suit your needs better than adding everyone.  You might also decide that you want to connect with people via Facebook or LinkedIn.  For me, connecting with as many DEN STARs via Twitter is my plan.  How you connect is totally up to you.



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