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Happy Valentine’s Day from Mousey to our Cache and Cookies readers! Yes, it isn’t Monday, but Mousey wanted to send some hugs and kisses your way for Valentine’s Day. Between trading cards and candies, most students don’t know where Valentine’s Day originated. Discovery Education streaming has an excellent  Valentine’s Day Content Collection.




The Valentine’s Day Content Collection has a great 3 minute video segment called The Origins of Valentine’s Day that you can share with your students. There are also teacher’s guides for all grade levels.

Mousey hopes you have a Valentine’s Day filled with love and lots of candy! If you have any questions or comments or even if you just want to wish Mousey a Happy Valentine’s Day, please feel free to tweet us @DESupportStars with hashtag #mouseymondays!


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  1. Dean Shareski (@shareski) said:

    Weird, this is not available for Canadian subscribers yet we’re very loving and enjoy celebrating Valentine’s Day as much as anyone.

    • Lina Tran said:

      Hi Dean! I just checked the Canadian site for you, the Valentine’s Day Content Collection is now available to Canadian Discovery Education streaming users. =)

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