Polar Bears International Thermostat Challenge!

Celebrate International Polar Bear Day (2/27) and Join The Thermostat Challenge!

What is it?
A challenge to adjust your thermostats a few degrees to save energy and lower carbon emissions to help save polar bears.  It is also, encouraging participants to make every day a polar bear day by purchasing and installing a programmable thermostat or taking other steps to help reduce their energy consumption throughout the year.


What can my class or students do?
Create a short (less than 2 minute) video on adjusting or changing out your thermostat and how this saves energy.  Then upload it to Polar Bears International’ s My Planet, My Part Website for a chance to win a prize package for your classroom (prize package includes a polar bear adoption kit and an education kit that includes stickers and the book Polar Bear: Shrinking Sea Ice).

Deadline: February 27th!



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