The DEN shows the Love

I find the DEN to be the best professional network I belong to.  If you’re not a member it is important to know that this is a network of people.  I had a real wow moment yesterday at PETE&C that emphasized this point.  I had just finished lunch with my friend and co presenter Drew Giorgi.   When we got up to leave we were walking past a table of people and of course I was in my blue discovery sweatshirt, and a man stood up and commented that they had been looking at me during lunch.     He then introduced himself as Lance Rougeux.  He let me know he appreciated my blog posts on PETE&C and had been following them.  He then introduced the rest of the Discovery Education Team.  I was so awe struck I can’t even tell you how the rest of the conversation went, but Drew assured me I kept my foot out of my mouth.

We said our goodbyes and left the restaurant.  I commented to Drew that I was floored that the Director of  Discovery Education recognized me and had been hoping to meet me because he had been reading my blog.

The DEN community is one where anyone can become as much a part of it as they choose.  I became a DEN star last year.  I signed up to be on the DEN Leadership council as part of the blog team and now I have Lance Rougeux following my blog.   This is why I love the DEN.  Anyone can become a member of the community and be welcomed with open arms.  If you have thought about it but just have not dived in take this as your personal invitation to join us.  The more people we have in our network the stronger we are.  Thanks Lance for making me feel such a part of this community and all your leadership.


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