Spotlight Series Educational Apps: Toontastic

Ever wonder what great educational APP you should check out for your class?!? Welcome to the Spotlight Series on fantastic apps from Discovery Educators! Featuring this week’s app:


  • Handout with Tips and Tricks
  • Description: Toontastic allows you to create stories using Freytag’s Pyramid for story development. There are many settings, scenes, and toys (characters) to choose from.You can add music to fit the mood of your story. You can share your story online at Toon Tube. Others can view them at
  • Cost: Free or $9.99 for all access
  • Grade Level: All
  • Subject Area: All
  • Instructional Application: Students can create stories in any subject area to demonstrate their knowledge of concepts learned.  Great for development of setting, plot, and characters.
  • Discovery Education Connection: Students can create Toons to summarize videos and/or use images from Discovery Education as backgrounds. Watch these video segments from Discovery Education prior to using the app to help students understand plot.
    • Video Segment – The Plot Thickens from Discovering Language Arts: Intermediate: Fiction
    • Video Segment – Plot of a Story from Discovering Language Arts: Primary: Fiction

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  1. Andy Russell said:

    Thanks Jannita for the great resource – so glad to see that you’re enjoying the app in your classroom. If you ever have any suggestions or requests, please let our team know. We’re always working to update the app with new features.

    -Andy Russell & the Toontastic dev. team at Launchpad Toys

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