Snowball Fights Year Round

This weekend, we’re experiencing a bit of winter weather here in North Carolina. My twins were upset that it wasn’t enough snow in which to play.  As I was thinking about how my students must be feeling, along with trying to plan for a big science test on forces and motion next week,  it got me thinking about one of my favorite vocabulary review strategies… SNOWBALL FIGHTS!

This one is quick and easy. Type (or write) your vocabulary words so there are two words per standard size sheet of paper. Cut the paper in half. On another color paper, I get a kick out of using yellow (heehee), write definitions or sentences that go with each of the words. Cut these in half also. Mix up the words and definitions, and hand out the papers to your students. Enjoy their faces when you tell them to ball up the paper. Explain to the students that you are going to have a snowball fight. When you call time, each student should pick up the nearest snowball, open it, and find its mate of a different color. You can repeat this several times in one session, and the kids love it. FYI, if it’s a nice day, go outside. Snowballs don’t roll under things that way.


This activity works beautifully with vocabulary words, but it’s also great for multiplication facts, math problems, standard form and word form, equivalent fractions, symbols and their meanings, and more. Your students can also make their own snowballs. If you give them two half-sized sheets of paper, they can make up their problem on one side and put the solution on the other.


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  1. Peg Hartwig said:

    This is a Great Idea! Hilariously fun and much safer than the real thing, In WI, we fight the snowball battle hard in school, because it is quite dangerous ….if you have ever been hit in the face by a snowball you know what I mean. This would be a way to experience the thrill and gain learning instead. I love it!

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