Improving Photography Through Apps

Yes you can spend $1000 or more just for the camera body of a big name camera. But with the price of apps so cheap, you may as well use your iPhone to learn to take better pictures. At a session at PETE&C last week I picked up several new app ideas for this purpose.

  1. Olloclip to do macro, fisheye and wide ange, 3 in 1 lens that clips to the corner of your iPhone for about $59
  2. Word photo app to put words on photo $2.99
  3. Use Photo Wizard for editing photos for FREE.
  4. Instagram to  – turn your photos into great projects from mugs to canvas prints.
  5. Type drawing app to put words on photo $1.99
  6. Percolator app to landscape work bubbles.  $1.99
  7. Photo wizard to do special effects. FREE
  8. PIP camera – Take a photo inside an object, be creative for FREE.
  9. Cinemagram – make short videos for FREE.
  10. Vine – make a short 6 second video and upload it for FREE.
  11. Coach’s Eye – take some sports video and critique the action – $4.99

Some Photo Editing apps:


Pixel Perfect

iCover – put yourself on the cover of a magazine – FREE

Color Canvas – colorize portions of a b&w picture

CropForFree – crop your photo

Landscape or pano photographs: Panorama, Photosynth, Dermander,  or just use the new camera app on iPhone 5.


Would you like to journal your year? Use any of the following to  take a photo a day for FREE, Project 365, ShutterCal, or Collect. Get started now! Then upload your best photos to MediaShare to offer your images for others to use in projects. Add your favorite photo apps in the comments below.





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