Many More Students Learning At Higher Levels: Appreciating Both the Potential and the Complexity

We will benefit by appreciating both the complexity of dramatically improve education and the opportunity to uncap much more potential of our youth as we tackle the challenges ahead to improving education.

There is no way to avoid appreciating the complexity of the many challenges related to improving education: poverty levels for children rising in many states, dismantling of the current system in favor of one that seems to value ‘choice’ above evidence based quality, all of the challenges associated with our dropouts, the strains on school boards to be able to both respect the past and chart a path into the future, and the list goes on.

The complexity of educating young people in our country cannot be ignored.  Yet, that complexity can crippled positive action.  Any avoidance of ‘working through’ this complex situation puts off the inevitable and important authentic conversations related to making dramatic improvements in student learning within the limits of the resources available.

Such a conversation is not being asked for.  Instead it seems that special interest are staking out their ground and digging in.

If you were to ‘dig in” – I suggest it be around embracing the complex and absolutely important work ahead for all of us if we are to be a country where many more students learn at even higher levels.


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  1. education said:

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