PETE&C Day of Discovery Pre-Con is Awesome!

Taking a new twist on the day, the pre-conference was divided into sessions in the morning, an app slam at lunch and unconference in the afternoon. This was well received by the attendees, many of whom had never participated in an unconference before. Sessions included an augmented reality discussion about the following apps: Aurasma, iFunFace, Imag-n-o-tron, 360 Pano, 123D Catch and Cardio. Try 360 Pano to create a panorama of a room, or museum to show your students. Better yet, have them make one on a field trip. Use 123D Catch to make a 3D image of an object. Once created, these can be used in an iBook!

The app slam included the following: Frosty the refrigerator magnet, Videolicious – slide show you can narrate, Insta poetryHD – like the little magnets also has export feature, myScript Calculator app will do the math problem you put on the screen and change handwriting to text! SockPuppets – make a skit and narrate it.

Sign up for an iPad class for the next few weeks or months from

More fun sites and apps were shared throughout the day:

  1. Sugar Sugar – math playground site
  2. Visit the Home depot site to order carpet for math lessons – eco-options for study of environmentally friendly appliances, items can be found here, energy efficient, look for kids projects, order carpet for the classroom = meaure, type stain resistant, or measure your classroom for how much paint you need to cover the walls. Use sites like this for groups to make a proposal to upgrade the room!
  3. –   At the Brooklyn Art Library you can search for creative projects.  For $10 you can sign up for newsletter. There are  projects like what can you draw in 5 minutes? The jar project challenges users to draw something inside this jar from your favorite book. Another project requests users to take photos of  meals. There are some creative writing ideas as well.
  4. by Peter Reynolds
  5. – add vocabulary to a photo
  6. Use – to put titles onto YouTube videos
  7. In another session, the app Blender  was shared. It is the open source, cross platform suite of tools for 3D creation.
  8. Follow #etmooc on twitter for learning current educational applications and tutorials or join the etmooc here.
  9. Try Storify – it brings current information, current events, twitter instagram, google flickr to one place when you choose a topics.
  10. Create a fake texting conversation with Have students create a conversation from the past. Perhaps Washington talking to his family before going to Valley Forge.
  11. Want to use an interesting hook to start a class? Visit this site: for textbook blunders.

By the end of the day, most attendees had a large list of new apps and ideas to share with their colleagues, some won prizes, but everyone was DENified!!


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