DEN March Madness – Entry #2 – iCab Mobile

The second tool/site we’re unveiling for this year’s March Madness challenge is an iPad app.  You might be thinking, “Hey, I didn’t know I could nominate an app for this!”  Well, you can.  We said to nominate your favorite tool/site that can be used with Discovery Education and apps are tools, right?  So go ahead, think about your favorite app that use you with DE and share it with us.

Let me introduce you to iCab MobileiCab Mobile is a browser for your iPad.  Did you know there are several browsers available for the iPad and that you don’t have to use Safari?  They all function a little differently, but one big thing that stands out about iCab Mobile. If you use this browser to access Discovery Education, you can download the videos in Discovery Education Streaming to your iPad photo library.  Yes, you read that correctly, you can download the videos.  How awesome is that?  Once downloaded, there’s a lot you can do to edit and remix the videos using other apps, such as iMovie.  The app isn’t free, but it’s only $1.99 – well worth it if you ask me.

Here’s a little video showing how easy it is to download a video from Discovery Education.

There you go – the second of 16 tools for our March Madness challenge.  What are you going to nominate?

We would love you, a valuable member of the DEN Community, to help us create the brackets for this year’s challenge.  What 16 tools should be included in this year’s March Madness bracket.  What are some of the tools you use with Discovery Education content?  What do you use to create, share, teach, curate, mashup, and learn with?

To make your recommendation for the challenge, fill out this form.



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    • Genny Kahlweiss said:

      Carolyn -Thanks for writing the blog post about iCab mobile. I updated my app and now it is working great and I have downloaded a few videos from Discovery Education to watch while I am on the airplane traveling. It is really fun to put them into iMovie on the ipad. This is great for students to do projects with the DE media on their iPads. Keep up the great work. Hope you can join me again for another 101 Webinar! Happy Spring to you!

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  4. Amy Frackman said:

    I use Roadshow to store my Discovery Videos because it’s free for up to 15. I just keep that number in mind and one tap on the video and it’s added to the shelf!

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