Rosa Parks

Kelsey Johnson wanted to share with our Cache and Cookies readers her piece on Rosa Parks:

In Honor of Black History Month, we wanted to recognize and commemorate a few events and persons that have created a lasting impression on our history. Today we spotlight Rosa Parks, a courageous woman who helped pave the path to end segregation of public facilities.

On December 1, 1955 in Montgomery, Alabama, Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a White passenger. In doing so, she defied the law that African American passengers give up their seats located in the back of the bus to White passengers if no other seats are available. She was arrested and fined for standing her ground.

Her bold act began The Montgomery Bus Boycott. This was a 381 day boycott of Montgomery busses that resulted in the ability for blacks and whites to ride the buses as equals. Rosa Parks was, and still is an inspiration to many, showing that one person can make an impact.

Share Rosa Parks’ story with your class with one of Discovery Educations videos. Check out “Standing Up for Freedom: The Story of Rosa Parks” for a good overview of her achievement.



Engage your students this month with various resources dedicated to Black History Month. How are you commemorating Black History Month in your classroom?


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