Congratulations to Michigander Edie Erickson

I would like for you to join me in meeting and congratulating Michigan DEN Star, Edie Erickson! Edie is a 3rd Grade teacher from Manistique, Michigan and was recently accepted to attend the DEN Summer Institute in Burlington, Vermont! Edie and I got together over “Google” during a recent snow day of mine and after learning a little bit more about Edie, I’m excited to connect this summer! After teaching for 3 years in South Carolina, Edie moved back to her hometown of Manistique. She was first introduced to the world of DEN when she was teaching in South Carolina by DEN Star, Norma Rockwell. Edie says, that the main reason she applied to attend DENSI 2013 was that she wants to network with other teachers! “I used to work in a big district with lots of PD opportunities. Now that I am in a smaller district, I’ve come to miss the opportunity to collaborate in person with other professionals. I especially miss going to conferences  Being in such a remote locale, most of my PD comes via webinars, which I do love, but it’s just not the same as taking a day (or in this case a week) to focus solely on education with other professions.”


When I asked Edie what her favorite DE tool was, she answered the way most of us would answer -I can’t possibly pick just one tool! She loves the science techbook, the webinars, and of course, the DEN. After having an opportunity to preview the Social Studies Techbook for high school and middle school, she can’t wait for the social studies techbook to come out for elementary schools! “I have a feeling it will steal my heart when it comes to the elementary level” says a very enthusiastic Edie!


Although she found it hard to pin down just one web tool, mentioning Twitter and Pinterest as two of her favorites at the moment.


I then asked Edie the final famous question: If you could have dinner with anyone (alive or deceased), who would it be and what would you ask that person? Edie answered, “For my dinner date, I would have to choose my dad. He was my greatest inspiration and my biggest fan. He is the person that instilled me with my love of learning and cheered me on from before I can remember. He passed away when I was 13, leaving a huge hole in my heart at one of the most vulnerable times in my life. I wouldn’t need to ask him anything, just to give him a hug and be in his presence again would be enough for me. I’ve tried to live my life in a way that would make him proud, so just letting him know what I’ve become would be more than I could ever ask for.”


Join me in congratulating Edie on being accepted to the DEN Summer Institute 2013 in Burlington, Vermont. You can check out Edie’s application video here and connect with her on Facebook.

Post written by Cheryl Lykowski



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  1. Sheila said:

    Congrats, Edie! You will love it! There are 100 other educators who will help you learn and be there for you, along with the most amazing DEN folks! This is an experience unlike any you’ve ever experienced! It’s a lot of fun, too!

    ps. Get lots of sleep ahead of time!

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