Congratulations to Michigander Jeremy Badiner

Today turned out to be a snow day for my school district. With a little extra time today, I was able to catch up on some email. I received the DEN Weekly Update and was thrilled when I began reading it and saw that another Michigan DEN Star was chosen to attend the DEN Summer Institute in Burlington, Vermont. I was thrilled to connect with Jeremy Badiner (follow Jeremy on Twitter, @JeremyBadiner) and learn a little more about him!


Jeremy works as an Elementary Technology Coach for Gull Lake Community Schools and lives in Plainwell, Michigan. Jeremy’s wife, Sara attended the DENSI 2012 in Bozeman, Montana and I believe that there may be a slight amount of competition between the two. Jeremy is also dad to 8 year old Lucas, and 3 year old Jack. When he has free time he likes riding his Triumph motorcycle on the twisty turns, mountain biking, backpacking, ski/snowboarding, camping, checking out new tech tools, keeping up on Twitter (almost impossible), and spending time with my family.


Jeremy describes himself as a geek at heart and loves ANYTHING techy.  “I wanted to learn more about the DEN and how to get other teachers using it in my district.  Also, my wife went last year and I had to hear (over and over) how great of an experience it was so I needed to level the playing field!” said Jeremy. (Again, slight competition!)


He says that if he had to name only one Discovery Education tool as his favorite, it would be “the Teacher Center because of all the lesson ideas, connections, and tools that are housed there”. Jeremy’s favorite web tool is Class Dojo, an online, classroom behavior program that allows teachers to track their students behavior and has the ability to send email reports to parents.


I also asked Jeremy the infamous question, “If you could have dinner with anyone alive or deceased, who would you choose and what would you ask them?” Jeremy said he would have to choose Albert Einstein. “I would ask Einstein, How could one person possibly know that much information?  What is the meaning of life from a scientific perspective? and How can I get a crazy hair style like that (no matter how hard I try mine just does not stick out that far!)?”


Join with me in congratulating Jeremy on his acceptance to DENSI 2013 in Burlington, Vermont!

Post written by Cheryl Lykowski


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  1. Sheila said:

    Congrats, Jeremy! If you like all things techy, then you’ll have a blast! So many new ideas and gadgets presented! You’ll love it!

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