DEN STARs in the News: Deanna Duray

Deanna Duray (@dlpd17) got some great news in late January.  The Colorado DEN STAR’s classroom at Little Elementary in Arvada, CO, was one of seven classrooms in Jefferson County that were chosen to receive an iPad 1 to 1 grant from The Friedman Family FoundationThe Denver Post wrote a short article about the grant.  Deanna’s class received iPads loaded with over 80 free apps on January 14th. She’s sharing this awesome journey on her blog: Take a look at what everyone’s learning and find out what the students are experiencing with their new devices.


Have you been recognized in your local newspaper? Have you been published? Were you featured in an article or nominated for an award?  We know STAR Discovery Educators are doing amazing things, but we don’t always hear about it. So take a moment to toot your own horn. Tell us about it. We want to brag about you too!


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  1. Paula Naugle said:

    Congratulations, Deanna. That is exciting news. Good luck on your new adventure into the world of 1:1.

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