Preparing for the DCT LiveStream Event

Today was the planning day for tomorrow’s LiveStream event from the Discovery Channel Telescope.  Kyle Schutt, Dennis Grice, and I arrived at the telescope this morning to test equipment, connections, and microphones to make sure everything is set for the event.  We took some photos and video footage of the facility and did some pre-event clips with Jeff Hall, Director, Lowell Observatory.  Jeff will be giving us the behind the scenes tour during the events.  There’s a lot of preparation involved in a production like this and we’re hoping to share some it with you in this post.  Click the link for the slide show below for some of the pictures we took throughout the day.

Click here for the slideshow

Make sure to join us for the afternoon livestream with your students for a behind the scenes look at the telescope and again in the evening where we’ll see the telescope in action.


A Behind the Scenes Look at the Discovery Channel Telescope
February 26 2013 at 1:00pm EST 

For elementary, middle, and high school classrooms
Bring your students on an exclusive tour behind the $53 million facility that encapsulates the 4.3 meter Discovery Channel Telescope (DCT).  In addition to the breathtaking images that the DCT has captured in its short life, we’ll review the engineering and architectural challenges that were conquered to sustain such an amazing undertaking.  Plus, you will have the opportunity to vote on which part of our Universe we should observe during our live viewing encore presentation at 9pm EST.

Gazing the Nighttime Sky through the Discovery Channel Telescope
Encore Presentation at 9:00pm EST
For families
Grab a warm cup of hot chocolate and gather round to tune into this live web broadcast of the evening sky.  With exclusive access and control of the Discovery Channel Telescope (DCT), Director Jeff Hall and DCT Commissioning Scientist Stephen Levine will be navigating the telescope to the top-voted area from the daytime broadcast. Images will be surreal. Pajamas are optional.