Trivia Pursuit

While the other families were out playing football on a holiday afternoon, mine was inside playing Trivial Pursuit or other academic trivia games.  The fun of the play encouraged our interest — and thus our learning– of various subjects.  It can do the same for you and your students.

A recent sampling of my Trivia Pursuit includes:


A Short History of the World by Christopher Lascelles —  This easy read volume truly covers the world and gives major items of history (my recommendation: skip most of the pre-history stuff).  The historical overview will give you background on several current events.

The Trivia Lovers Guide to the World: geography for the lost and found by Gary Fuller — Combining history and current events with geography, this very volume is a good social studies read.

I Used to Know That: stuff you forgot from school by Caroline Taggart — Covering all core subjects, this volume is designed to trigger your memory of school subjects. (warning: some reviews point to errors; perhaps this could be turned into a fact check game)


That Ain’t It!  by IMAK Creations — Spin for your question from categories including US History, Science, Words, Culture, Nature, World and more.  A question is presented with four answers.  You must pick the answer that is NOT correct .  Easy, medium or hard levels will adjust with right or wrong answers along with winnings.

Knowledge Trainer by The Binary Family — With 10 categories — including science, geography, arts and letters, music and more– and 5 difficulty levels this app will truly train your brain. You can also go back and have another chance at the questions you missed.

Both these companies also produce other brain games.

Basher’s Presidents by Cauldron — For younger grades, this app is related to the book U.S. Presidents : theh oval office all-stars by Dan Green.  Students can read through facts about each president, play the presidental challenge and vote for their choice for the greatest US president.

1001 Wonders of the World  by Eksmo/ IdeaNomics —With a map feature, gorgeous pictures and multiple  searchs , this app is great for  geography lessons or for just browsing.


There is also a app version of Trivial Pursuit by Electronic Arts

Get academic by getting trivial!



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