Spotlight Series Educational Apps: Drawing Pad

Ever wonder what great educational APP you should check out for your class?!? Welcome to the Spotlight Series on fantastic apps from Discovery Educators! Featuring this week’s app:

Drawing Pad

  • Handout with Tips and Tricks
  • Description: There are many drawing apps out there, but this one is AWESOME!  It allows users to create with many tools including markers, colored pencils, pastels, crayons, and chalk.  Users can bring in their own pictures as backgrounds and draw on them.  There are many paper backgrounds available including graph paper.  Student work can easily be saved to the Photo Album to be shared with other apps.
  • Cost: $1.99
  • Grade Level: Elementary
  • Subject Area: All
  • Instructional Application: We have used this for drawing pictures of historical figures, important places and events in social studies.  It has been used in math for drawing geometric shapes and for solving equations.
  • Discovery Education Connection: Students could use Discovery Education to find pictures of important historical figures that they could draw sketches of using Drawing Pad.

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