DEN March Madness – Entry #8 – Animoto

Wisconsin DEN LC member Rachel Yurk feels Animoto is a great tool to be used with Discovery Education content. She recently used Animoto as a tool for digital storytelling. If you’re not familiar with Animoto, it’s a great site that is used to create slideshows. Users upload their own images and video, including content from Discovery Education, as well as any text, and with a few clicks, can create fantastic slide shows. Animoto has a variety of options for how the slideshow looks and even has a great music library with a ton of great tunes to add to your slideshow.

Patti Duncan and Duane Waber visited Bay Lane Middle School in Muskego, Wisconsin a couple of weeks ago to present the February Seasonal Science Stream.  Rachel works at this school and throughout the live event, took a bunch of pictures documenting the day.  She used Animoto to tell the story of the event.  Take a look below at her finished product.

Stay tuned to the DEN Blogs as we continue to share the entries for this year’s DEN March Madness.  If you have a favorite tool to use with Discovery Education content, let us know.  What are some of the tools you use with Discovery Education content?  What do you use to create, share, teach, curate, mashup, and learn with?

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