First #denchat Was Fun

Thursdays at 8:00PM hop on to your Twitter account and search for the #denchat in the search bar. You will be pleasantly educated by some of the countries smartest, and most enthusiastic educators from the DEN! For the first chat the group asked questions, offered ideas and tweeted the location of their blog. The archive of the full chat will be posted by Lisa Parisi or Tim Childers so watch for that later. In the meantime, join me in following the blogs of other DEN members below:

Porter Palmer @denprincess

Major School

Andy Losik


Tom Grissom

Literary Lions – Tammy Pogue

Mrs. Berens

Tim Childers

Kelly Hines

Thea Kirkwood

Denton Dynamos – Lisa Parisi

Steve Hoades

My apologies if I missed anyone. If so, please add your blog URL in the comments.


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