Discovery Education Images and iPads

One of the easiest ways to incorporate Discovery Education into your classroom using iPads is to start with doing an image search. Discovery Education is the first place that I have my students learn how to search for images because I know that they have access to quality images and can use them in their projects.

Here is a tutorial video about accessing images.

Next we use screencasting apps to have students share their learning. Here is a tutorial video about how to use just one of many screencasting apps.

Our use the image in an app like FaceJack to bring life to the image.

Coming soon…. using Discovery Education videos on your iPad, how to get them on the iPad, and some great apps that will help your students create and share.


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  1. Jennifer Duffy said:

    Using your iPad to help student learn how to search is an excellent tool. I have discovered with my students that they enjoy using the iPad in conjunction with what we are learning about. I have been working with them on searching for video clips that correlate with what we are learning about.

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