Learning Through The Eyes of a Third Grader

This week a few of my colleagues and I had the privilege of working with an amazing team from Wake County Public Schools in Raleigh, North Carolina. Over the course of two days we met with over 200 principals and central office administrators to kick-off an exciting partnership with Wake County. We designed the day to immerse them in a variety of learning experiences through the lens of the 5E model of instruction. Throughout the day the participants were engaged in their learning as they traveled back in time through a green screen activity, created paper slide videos, explored a class Edmodo discussion, listened to podcasts, interacted  with digital media through the DE student center and engaged in an audio/singing station.

The evening before our first day we met with Todd Wirt (Assistant Superintendent for Academics) and his team to discuss last minute details. His 9-year-old daughter, Mary Moss, joined us to practice her opening speech. Todd had invited her to kick-off each day and what she wrote (all on her own) is an inspiring message all educators need to hear. Presenting infront of more than 100 adults each day, Mary Moss reminded us how kids learn and what support they need from their teacher. I hope you walk away as inspired and humbled as I did after watching her speech. Thank you, Mary Moss, for sharing your voice and touching our hearts.



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