PETE&C Session-Teach with your iPad

About 15 years ago in a graduate class far away I recall my professor telling us that in the future we would be consumers of information. What on earth did that mean? Well here we are in 2013, consuming information everyday. Looking up times for movies, learning about new ideas for teaching the perfect lesson, and even looking for the best recipe for dinner.

Teachers are now researching how to use devices to collaborate because we are moving from consumers of information to producers of information and content. Each day, students and teaches are creating blogs, tweets, web pages, videos and presentations and posting them online to share.

At PETE&C, in the session on “Apps for Social Studies” there were many apps shared for creating content for learning. Many of these social study apps have an overlay of technology above real world environment and are called augmented reality. You can see augmented reality in many aspects of commercialism including a Lego magazine cover, ads from McDonalds and Disney advertisements.

Even Lego has AR on one of their magazine covers. , Disney, McDonalds ads are also featuring Augmented Reality on their site. In August of 2011, Tripwire Magazine presented a list of apps for using and creating augmented reality.

One of the ways you can use AR in the classroom in to incorporate artwork and create AR comments such as Mona Lisa & Blabberize. Have her speak about what she might be thinking or something happening in that time period. Another example shared is to use the painting of Washington crossing the Delaware and when moving over each person, an AR code could have comments about the biography of each one in the boat. Have students create a scavenger hunt in your school with AR messages.

Look for other links for social studies here: Teach with your iPad. In addition, visit this site:  -Sandra Day O’Connor helped to create this site to teach kids about government.

Now go out there and create some content. Try a mashup with a DiscoveryED video!


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