February 28 #DENchat Archived

This past Thursday, February 28, was the inaugural launch of the DEN’s #DENchat on Twitter.  Lisa Parisi and Tim Childers organized the first event with the help of several other DEN LC members from across the country.  And, of course, the fantastic support of Steve Dembo and the DEN Princess herself, Porter Palmer.

Our first chat was sort of a “get to know you” conversation.  We started off asking an extremely open-ended question, “What is the DEN?”  During the course of the conversation we asked participants to give us an idea of where they are from and the grade level/subject they teach.  We also asked if they blogged, and where we could find that blog in order to follow in our own RSS feeds.

And now, that conversation has been archived using Storify!  So, if you missed it, here is the chat.  We’ll post it every week.

This Thursday, we crank it up again at 8 PM ET.  This week we are looking at a Web Tools Slam (save your apps for another chat).  What web tools are you using that you absolutely cannot live without.  Be prepared to tell us why!  And we’ll see you at the next #DENChat!


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