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I had the privilege of escorting 111 fourth graders, staff, and parents to Raleigh, NC via the Amtrak on Monday. Our plans were to visit the Legislative Building, NC Science Museum, and Museum of History. Well- those were the plans! We arrived at school at 4:45 am and began our journey. The Amtrak was delayed for 25 minutes at the onset (this should have been our first clue). We then ran into a press conference on the front steps of the science museum and were denied immediate entrance. This made us miss our first IMAX movie and cancelled our Legislative visit. We did have a great visit at science and history museum. Walked back to the Amtrak in wind chilled weather of about 34 degrees and was met with a train delay of 2 hours. After finally getting on the train, we were then pulled off the tracks so that another train (must have been bigger than us) could pass. Arrived in Greensboro several hours later and pulled into the school parking lot around 11:00 pm. Over 18 hours later! I was tired, sleepy, sore, and a little grouchy.
This morning I helped this same class research state symbols and sew their own quilt squares. Everyone was sleepy and barely awake. One student who struggles with school work said, “Mrs. Jones, IT was the best day of my life….EVER” Will I do this again?  You bet!


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  1. Kelly Hines said:

    Despite my most engaging ideas and plans, my students’ favorite thing about the tour of Raleigh (which I LOVE) is the escalator in the Museum of Natural Sciences. Most of them have never seen one before!

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