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If you want to make your students think and laugh at the same time, share with them. It is a weekly update of oddities found in textbooks. The comments are often as funny as the textbook print.

Lance Rougeux shared this table for apps/sites and their use: . One of the fun activities on this page is called Create a series of fake text messages to/from some famous people. For example: create a conversation between Alexander Graham Bell and Watson during their experiments or George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. What tip would George send to Abe?

Before showing a great Discovery video with your class, Lance suggests using the following questioning technique AEIOU. Tell students that you will be asking them for;

Adjective – that describes the movie

Emotion – what did they observe in the movie

Interest – what was something that interested them

Oh!  I didn’t know that

Umm? I have a question

When the movie is over, have students share their thoughts.

Fellow DiscoverySTAR teachers Jennifer Brinson and Nicole Hill had a great session about social networking and creating your own professional learning network. In addition to using the following sites they highlighted, which social sites do YOU use?

  1. Diigo
  2. Edmodo
  3. Facebook
  4. Ning
  5. Pinterest
  6. Plurk
  7. Twitter

There is a link to all of the resources that include tutorials;




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  1. Sheryl Roberts said:

    That is a clever mnemonic. For social sites, I use Diigo, Edmodo (One of my FAVS!), Facebook, Twitter, and I sometimes get lost in Pinterest land for hours. Thank you for sharing! I LOVE DE!

  2. Sheryl Roberts said:

    I just used the fakephone text app. I am writing an ocean webquest for my class and will use this as part of their final project! Thanks! I I hadn’t read this blog, I may have never known about it. Our school system, Prince William County, VA, isn’t providing us with ANY professional development in education, so a couple of us DEN Stars are doing out own.

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