Earth March Madness


Gather your students, co-workers, family and have some geeky fun with NASA’s Earth Observatory.   Here is great way to get your students and others involved in remote sensing science and Earth science:


Earth March Madness!  Vote for your favorite images of 2012 in a bracket style tournament!! 


First round of voting is this week!!  Go to

Here is the tournament description:

1.      Thirty-two images will vie for the title, but only one can be the winner. They are the best Earth images of the year, the top 32 from 2012. But which ones will be good enough to survive head-to-head competition?

2.      From March 4 through April 5, Earth Observatory readers can vote for their favorite images of the year, whittling the total from 32 to 16 to 8 to 4 to 2 in a tournament of remote sensing science.

3.      The competition will be stiff in the four sections — Earth at Night, Events, Data, and True-Color — so it is up to you to separate the winners from the losers.

4.      Come back each week to vote in the next round and help us choose a winner.

5.     Voting for the first round will close at 4pm ET on Friday, March 8.

6.      Come back every Monday to vote and watch the results.

I have already voted in the first round – have you?