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  1. tracie belt said:

    I thought this walk and talk was great. Great point by the student talking to Peg Hartwig. If teachers will get out of their “silos” and use planning time to collaboratively plan and discuss their upcoming essential questions, then they can make lessons that build and compliment each other. If teachers do this then students will see the relevance of the subject and see why it is important to learn it. In the case of this student the math and science teacher should be planning the curriculum so that they are not duplicating information, or at least planning how to use the information in a new and different way to solve problems.

  2. Ginny Washburne said:

    Awesome job Peg!! I love how you incorporated the student in your talk. Interdisciplinary learning is so important- outside of school students will be exposed to a variety of experience that involve multiple topics/subjects so why not start exposing them to that in school. It would make what they are learning so much more relevant.

  3. Sheila said:

    Great job, Peg!!! I love the concept of “Walk & Talk!” I hope you’re administrations takes careful note of this. Love your interaction with your student…did she help you plan this?

  4. Mark Case said:


    I have been working HARD to make things cross curricular in my class. I have found out IF I make my science lesson connect to something else in school, they listen better. I use data from sports to calculate all our physical science equations. I use the art department to grade our posters. We go to the music department with iPads and iPhones to record music and look at the wave length, crest, trough, amplitude, frequency, etc.

    Since I started doing this a year ago, grades have gone up, homework completion has tripled and kids say they like class.

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