DEN March Madness – Entry #15 – Padlet

Massachusetts DEN STAR Donna Criswell shares our 15th entry for DEN March Madness and it’s Padlet.  You may not recognize the name Padlet, but you might be familiar with Wallwisher.  Did you know that Wallwisher is now Padlet?

According to Donna:

Padlet is a virtual wall onto which you can post thoughts, link to videos (DEStreaming!), embed slideshows, images, and more.  This FREE web 2.0 tool can be used in so many ways in education.  I’ve used it in professional development sessions to ask questions people might have before coming, and as a ‘ticket to leave’ when they depart.  I’ve used it to pose a question to my staff, and get instant feedback, and for all to see each other’s responses.  Teachers have used it as a reflection of a video they may have just watched, or a field trip they just returned from.  I’ve seen it used as a vocabulary tool.. post a sentence that uses the word.. “X”.. This tool can be used to activate prior knowledge, as a review, as a dipstick along the way, to brainstorm, to collect ideas, to collaborate on a project, as a summarizer, as a ‘ticket to leave’, and so much more, in any content area or topic!

Here are three examples.. I think the first is more meaty but it’s on PD, the vocab one might be more interesting to teachers.. you pick! (I used this during my Digital Writing PD session) (I did this one around the holidays in our district)

This is a generic one on vocabulary –




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  2. Carolyn Stanley said:

    Gee, thanks to Chad and Donna. I had tried to get my staff to use WallWisher about three years ago, but it had so many problems with freezing that they got discouraged. So, now it’s called Padlet. Who knew? Well, thanks to you, we do. At the DEN Blog Team meeting, we were wondering how DEN members might easily converse on a specific topic. Well, Padlet might just be an answer.

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