Great Expectations!

Well today was a first. Since both of my schools are being vetted as true  STEM schools, I am making sure that all 1000  students have an opportunity to experience a hands-on lab each week. Today was my first experience with our Pre-K students. I set up the lab with microscopes, rocks and minerals, animal tracks and adaptations, life cycle games, and a metamorphic rock-making station. I expected that they would visit the stations, draw a few pictures, and laugh a lot. Oh my! They were the most engaged, talkative, creative, inquisitive, hypothesizing kids I have ever had in my labs. They asked questions, made predictions,and  drew amazing diagrams. They smiled, laughed, and clapped when they saw videos on Discovery Streaming. They were quiet and attentive when I blew up some rocks with a simple chemical reaction and they didn’t ask for a break, nap, or snack. These seventeen 3 and 4 year olds proved that you are never too young to be a scientist.

Next week we are going to observe and tear apart Owl Pellets. I, for one, can’t wait!


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