March is Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month, so what are you doing to eat healthier? You can easily watch some DE videos on nutrition. For example Nutrition Labels was made in 2012 and explains what is on a label. Did you know that DE has an ebook called Nutrition Labels as well?

If you want to see if your cereal has more nutrition than cardboard, view the MythBusters episode on that topic! You can even get a lesson on additives to food with the video “Nutrition Controversies”. You could spend a whole week of lessons with many of the 2012 videos on nutrition and healthy eating in the DiscoveryEducation library. So get going watch one!

In addition, if you need some daily mobile motivation, check out these popular apps to get you moving, eating right and learning more about what it takes to get on track.

Have students compare information from the videos with some current apps. Count Your Peas is geared for elementary students to use an abacus made of peas to keep track of their food intake. There are games and art projects as well. Cost $1.99


Fooducate will show you nutrition information for a large library of food items. Students can see how their intake of sugar compares to protein. Great for a class discussion about lunch and breakfast foods and their value. Cost FREE


With Lose It!, you can track your daily intake of food. This app makes it easy with a barcode scan all of the nutritional values will be revealed for the food. It also keeps track of your nutritional and weight goals. FREE


Another choice called Food and Nutrition gives you a bit more information about the food. It includes various terms and how you will be affected by them. For example, how do antioxidants work in your body? FREE


There are hundreds of apps and videos from DiscoveryED that can keep you informed and on track. What do you use for tracking food, weight or fitness level?


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    Nutrition is such a Huge Part of our everyday lives – it’s imperative that people get the best nutrition possible everyday and supplement where they can’t get the nutrients they need.

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