Tired of Begging!

I am so sick and tired of having to beg for every little thing I need for my schools. I have to go incognito to Home Depot or Lowe’s Home Improvement stores and get paint chips for vocabulary and math games. There are just so many excuses that you can come up with for that. I am also getting embarassed of going to Walmart and asking for paint sticks. The employees there are catching on.  I am the only educator in town who has to wear sunglasses when they enter Food Lion or Harris Teeter to ask for meat trays or plastic containers. And my most favorite is dumpster diving at local restaurants to retrieve glass bottles to use as beakers.

But what’s the alternative? Hands-on, inquiry-based science and math lessons require materials and let’s face it—-we don’t have the money. So I spend my evenings (every evening) combing through the internet looking for grants to write and freebies to ask for. I am TIRED of begging for things that our schools and students deserve. For once, I would like to be able to give an immediate YES to my teachers and students when they ask for science and math materials. I don’t know about you……but I want our schools and students to be so important that companies are calling ME to ask can they give me money.

With that said- I am very thankful that DISCOVERY EDUCATION offers great inquiry-based lessons on their Science Techbook. I believe that having DE in every school should be part of the national budget. I would be willing to lobby/beg for that!

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    … or fill out multiple grant applications on your own time and hope…

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