Using Technology to Transform Education: Tennessee

SCORE is hosting a virtual convening on March 13, 2013 at 3:30 CDT with a panel of Tennessee educators to discuss how technology can be used to transform teaching and learning.  The interactive event will be live streamed to allow educators from across the state to participate in the discussion and contribute their diverse perspectives on educational technology. We hope this opportunity will enhance the conversation around technology’s role in schools, in addition to providing educators, leaders, and organizations with a forum to connect and share best practices.

Well who knows about using technology to transform education? DEN STARs do! So it you have a moment, join the conversation.

  • Email questions in advance to with the subject line: Technology Convening Questions
  • You can also submit questions online during the virtual convening session

Register here:


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  1. Michael said:

    Or better yet we can change the educational system. Regardless of the technology used, private schools are always ahead of the game, even when they keep technology at a bare minimum. Like private education in Seattle and across America it’s because private schools don’t follow the same laws as public education and thus they have more freedom with both on how the school can operate and how teachers may present information to students. This is why those schools do so well!

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