DEN March Madness Vote Now for Round 1

Voting is now open for our 2013 March Madness Challenge.  The community has entered their favorite tools, sites, and apps to use with Discovery Education and we’ve taken those submissions, narrowed the list to 16, and created a bracket.  Now it’s up to you, the DEN Community, to tell us which ones should move on to the next round.  Beginning today, March 11, you can take a look at the round 1 match ups and vote for your favorites.  Round 1 voting will be open for one week.  Next Monday, March 18, the voting for round 2 will begin.


For each of the match ups, you’ll find a description of the tool and a video of the tool in action or a tutorial telling you about it.  Watch the videos, read the descriptions, and decide who should move on.  Feel free to leave a comment below each match up, share why you’re voting the way you are, why you think one tool is better than other, or how you’d use it with your students.  In round one, there are 8 match ups, so make sure you vote for each one.

Round 1:

If you’d like to read the individual blog posts about each entry, you can find them all here.  After checking out each of the entries, don’t forget to to vote!





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    • Amiee said:

      Thanks! We are only 2 people who create and are running Little Bird Tales, against a company of over 200 employees. We probably don’t have a chance since their user base is Jupiter to our Pluto, but we are SO proud to have been put up against them!

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