Breaking news! The next Techbook from DE will be… MATH

First we revolutionized the curriculum world with our Science Techbook.  Then we took what we learned and applied it to Social Studies.  So what’s next??


The formal announcement was just posted:

The innovative line of Techbooks are revolutionizing education by removing barriers to learning and utilizing new technology to adapt lesson plans to student’s different styles of learning. Empowering students with rich, engaging media, the Techbooks serve a deep need within our education system to offer students opportunities to engage with real-time subject matter updates and current events as they fit into the context of classroom curriculum. 

You can read the full release here.

Math teachers, are you ready to embrace the future of digital curriculum?



  1. Carolyn Rains said:

    SO VERY Excited!!!! I can’t wait to see it! DE rocks again! Why am I not surprised?

  2. J. Sia Robinson said:

    FINALLY! This is the coherent resource needed to support all the Flipping and Blending of classrooms taking place.

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