Egg Farm Virtual Field Trip Recap

If you missed our latest virtual field trip from Willamette Egg Farms in Oregon, don’t worry, we’ve got a great recap for you.  Deanna Duray, a STAR Discovery Educator and LC Member from Colorado, viewed the event with her students and created this awesome Animoto recapping the event, including video clips from her students sharing what they’ve learned.  Deanna also was kind enough to share some of the things she did with her students related to the event.

From Deanna: Our 3rd grade class spent time observing eggs before the virtual field trip.  We also recorded and submitted some of our questions.  We enjoyed the egg farm trip right before our lunch/recess time.  When we returned we shared our learning on this google doc.  We are a 1:1 iPad classroom so every student was able to access this page at the same time.  After sharing our learning I created a wordle (attached) of this document.  Today, to connect our egg farm trip to our current science unit, we made scrambled eggs.  We are studying matter (liquid, solid, gas) and how it changes.  We learned that we can heat some matter and it will melt (snow) while other liquids (eggs) will turn to a solid after heated.  It was a yummy learning experience… many students LOVE scrambled eggs.  Thanks again to Discovery Education and the Willamette Egg Farm for hosting this virtual field trip.

Take a look, we’re so proud this example and of the work our STAR Discovery Educators do sharing experiences like this with their students.


Also, if you’ve like to view the archive of the virtual field trip, you can watch it below or see the final, segmented and edited version by going here:



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