Controlled Chaos!

What does Discovery Streaming, Science Techbook, 35 Science Stations, 24 preserved frogs, 90 owl pellets, 12 educators, and a Skype Visit with Yellowstone have in common? CONTROLLED CHAOS! It took 12 hours to plan and make stations, 4 hours to set-up and 5 hours to deliver. Every group had a map, a journal, and a positive attitude. They learned about electricity, magnetism, space, weather, matter, animals, landforms, force, rocks, and ecosystems. Each station also contained a laptop/iPad with a DE video locked and loaded. Students were able to front-load with DE information, make predictions, work collaboratively on a hands-on science activity, debrief, and then journal. I was pretty amazed that there were no fusses, quarrels, mishaps, accidents, or explosions. I dare to say that I had one of the best days EVER. Who else can have that much fun at work? Thanks DE for complimenting our science studies in Catawba County. You put the CONTROL in my CHAOS!!


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