EdCamp NC

EdcampNC 2013 has been scheduled! The date is May 4, 2013!


Poe Hall, NCSU, Raleigh, North Carolina

If you aren’t familiar with EdCamp check out this “snapshot” from the official EdCamp website.

Edcamps were founded when a group of teachers, were inspired by a local Barcamp unconference on computer programming. Since the first Edcamp was held in Philadelphia in May 2010, over 50 Edcamps have been held by teachers in the United States, Chile, and Sweeden.

Teachers and educational stakeholders are using this format to start meaningful conversations about their work. Social media, including blogs, Twitter, and Facebook, have served to continue the conversation in online spaces as well. Professional reflection, application, and evaluation abound.

Lately, Edcamps have received some criticism due to the interactive, unpredictable format. How can you guarantee that every Edcamp session is based on the latest research? Quite simply, you can’t. Edcamps should be used as one meaningful item on the professional development menu. There will always be a place for traditional professional development to ensure that faculties are using the latest research and effectively employing the most fundamental strategies purported by the educational organization. However, using the Edcamp format to honor teachers’ expertise and provide interactive learning opportunities is a worthy process.

Edcamps strive to provide space for teachers to learn from each other. They give everyone a voice and a forum to explore new ideas and strategies.

To learn more about the Edcamp movement and upcoming Edcamps, visit the Edcamp Wiki at http://edcamp.wikispaces.com

One thing we love about the DEN is that the focus is on learning from real people, in real life, in real time, with real meaning. Edcamp and the un-conference are built with this purpose in mind. Join fellow DEN members, DEN Stars, and amazing K-20 educators for this great co-learning experience!


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  1. Marlo Gaddis said:

    I highly recommend DEN member attend. It is a great time to collaborate and share with other educators. If you want to discuss DE, sign up on our wall!

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