I Am a Logophile: update (and more)

One of my favorite vocabulary games: 7 Little Words has officially released its junior version: 7 Little Words for Kids.

Like the original,  you must figure seven words from the clues, using the letter blocks.    The junior version, however, takes the elementary age players through various worlds, including a scuba adventure, space travel, dinosaur and more.  The students must earn stars to unlock worlds past the first one (the Scuba-Venture).   There are hints available but a star is lost for each hint used.

The game is a fun way to build vocabulary and can help spelling skills also.  For more information, see the video trailer at http://www.sevenlittlewords.com/news/2013/02/07/see-a-video-trailer-of-the-new-7-little-words-for-kids/

The website also has a classroom section with downloadable PDF puzzle versions Learning French, Science and Social Studies.  See http://www.sevenlittlewords.com/for-the-classroom/

Please note the original 7 Little Words has versions in Spanish and French, great for HS language classes.    A free daily puzzle is available in the original also.  Note: there is a Google apps version for this level.

Two other interesting apps I’ve found that help with spelling and word creation:

> Moxie, from the creator of Seven Little Words, is a word creation game.  Use the letters popping up in random order to create words to make the highest point total you can.

> Wooords, from Stray Robot Games, is fridge magnet letters brought to the ipad or android.  Use the letters to make as many words as you can.  One caveat: you must use the highlighted letter in all words for them to count.

Get wordy!



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