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I know I have asked my students in the past to do a portfolio for various courses.  I think it is valuable for them to have a physical representation of their body of work.  I got to thinking (dangerous business) when I was filling out the DEN Guru application that I did not have a portfolio.  Sure I had a resume and an online website, but that is not really a portfolio.  As we all know a portfolio is work you choose to show off as your best work.  My website is for my students,my  blog and resources for teachers.  It has some of the same stuff as I would put in my portfolio but one would need to go looking for the information about me.  I did not find it represented me.  So I took WordPress in hand and started looking for a good template to use for a portfolio.  The one I decided on was portfolio-press.  It is free and is not that hard to set up.  Once you install the theme(and the two other recommend plugins) you just start adding items in your portfolio.  The featured image becomes the image for the home portfolio page. Any text you put in the portfolio item goes into a nice roll over with the title on the home portfolio page.  I modified my theme a bit to make it work better for me but it works nice as is.  The last step is to create a new page and select the portfolio template for that page.  This page will be you home portfolio page.  You don’t have to put anything on that page. The theme does the rest of the work.  Your new home portfolio page will look just like the one I put in the featured image of this post.


If you don’t have a place to set up a WordPress site you can use Google sites or any one of the many free website hosting services online.  At the very minimal you could set up an .  This is a website that lets you post the links to all your connected social sites like Twitter, Linkedin, Google+…    I also found a site called yourprofolio which might work nicely as well.  It looks geared towards artists and web designers, but when has using something for a purpose other then it was intended ever bothered an educator.  😉

I encourage you to make you own portfolio and show them off.  It would be a good model for students at the very least it’s something to mark as your footprint on the internet.  Comment the link to it here. I would like to see them.  I am sure others would too.  Give us a chance to give you a pat on the back for all the work you do.

PS here is the link to mine : Mr. Mclaughlin’s Portfolio and my


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  1. Robin Martin said:

    That is a really good point. Most of us have the same, links for our teachers and a site for kids but forget about what we do in the classroom. I used to create a landing point, but it really does not have the space for a full feature portfolio. Thanks for the suggestions for portfolio sites. I’ll check them out too.

    Nice post.

    Robin Martin

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